shit parenting: when you talk shit about your child’s friends. even if they are a bad influence, let them judge their own friends. if they start doing the same stupid shit their friends are doing, put the blame on them for making that choice, not their friends.


Do you prefer time with friends or time alone?

i prefer time with friends. being alone is fine on some days but it gets lonely after a while.


how did hori-senpai not realize that kashima was a girl…?

did he walk around for a long time thinkin damn, that kashima has some nice legs. i’m glad he wears a skirt all the time

Please watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun



  • not your stereotypical shoujo anime
  • the main character writes shoujo manga and bases all of the male characters on girls and the girls are based off of boys.
  • mikorin is a gift
  • kashima tosses your gender roles out of the water and stomps on them
  • its super cute
  • animation is adorable
  • please watch it you wont regret it!
  • also if you do please message me and tell me what you thought because this anime needs more recognition!


uh…hori-chan-senpai’s favorite wedding tradition, if he could somehow get kashima to wear the dress in the first place

Astrological Asks
Aurora: What is the most beautiful thing that you can think of?
Stars: Who do you think of most?
Bolide: What makes you want to give up?
Comet: Who do you like to be with?
Constellation: Is your family blood related?
Eclipse: Is there someone who you think outshines you?
Equinox: What makes you calm?
Galaxy: Who do you want to be?
Meteor: What makes you feel alive?
Nova: When were you happiest?
Orbit: Is there someone you can't stop thinking about?
Solstice: Do you prefer time with friends or time alone?
Sun Spots: What makes you feel bad about yourself?
Zenith: What makes you feel good about yourself?
Black Hole: Has there ever been a point where you thought nothing would get better?





watch this video

no seriously


the question we all wanted to know the answer tofinally


Daehyun, your members are judging you…

Daehyun, your members are judging you…

achievement unlocked: i braided your hair

Mikoshiba brothers ♥